ARCADIA at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

ARCADIA at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Pembroke Players are proud to support the production of Arcadia at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

Arcadia is a fast-paced, deliciously funny contemporary classic, brimming with Byronic wit and sizzling with barely repressed sexual tension.

We asked some questions to the Arcadia team, to see how they are preparing for the Fringe.


What is Arcadia about?
Arcadia is the story of the precocious Thomasina and her tutor begins with the style and flair of a Wildean farce, but quickly develops tension as the stakes rise. Cutting insults, love rivalries of Byronic standard, and poetry of a much lower one fly across the schoolroom table. In the present day, Bernard, a literature academic, has both ‘Romantic’ and romantic endeavours of his own. He believes he has found a note that suggests Byron was involved in a duel at Sidley Park, and which might explain his mysterious flight to the continent. With the begrudging help of fellow expert, Hannah, he attempts to piece together the evidence that would prove his theory correct.

What was the inspiration for the show?
The inspiration for this production of Arcadia was an enduring love of the play, and a knowledge that we work well as a team and as best pals. It’s very important to us that this play is treated with the respect it deserves, but we also want to make sure that our distinct influence as directors shows.
As many of us in the team worked together on a mainshow at Corpus Playroom (We’ll Meet Again, 2015) which featured multiple time periods within the same stage space, we are also already equipped with a number of exciting ways to bring this effect to life.

What was the best part about preparing the show?
Amidst all the preparation, one of our fabulous directors, Cassia Price, had the chance to meet Sir Tom Stoppard. As well as signing his autograph for her, witnesses say he also predicted that our production would be by far the best rendition of his work to date, obviously surpassing that of the National Theatre.

What do you hope that the audience will experience?
We hope to present a brilliantly fun and fast-paced production of Stoppard’s masterpiece. Arcadia has the style and flair of a Wildean farce, but quickly develops tension as the stakes rise. We know the audience will be laughing, and we hope they will also be utterly engrossed in the sharply twisting plot.


Arcadia runs from Sunday 14th to Sunday 28th August at 4:20pm at the Spotlites International Theatre. Don’t miss it!

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