This Week: The Playboy of the Western World, Frank & Cynthia and Hot Cross Men: An Improv Hour!

This Week: The Playboy of the Western World, Frank & Cynthia and Hot Cross Men: An Improv Hour!

The Pembroke Players are proud to present our first shows of Lent term!

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By J. M. Synge

7pm, Tuesday 7th – Saturday 11th February

Come down to the Flaherty’s Pub!

In a pub in 3 acts: a tale of love, loss, and lies in the Irish countryside. When mysterious “playboy” Christy comes into barmaid Pegeen’s life she has no idea the way that he’ll turn her life – and the life of the village – upside down. Follow this rollercoaster comic play with a few beers (BYOB and drinks on the door, and throughout) with us in Pembroke New Cellars (erm, I mean, Flaherty’s Pub).

By Enrico Hallworth and Rufus McAlister

9.30pm, Tuesday 7th – Wednesday 8th February

Cathy has one ambition: to be the first person to fly solo from Scunthorpe to Paris. Unfortunately, her world-weary father just wants her to stay at home under his watchful eye and new hybrid Perspex ceiling whilst he tries to recreate his brief croissant-inspired love affair with the spirit of his dead wife in his specially made ghost garden. A fast-paced, absurd comedy show that takes you from the llama fields of Scunthorpe Aerodrome to the most left-wing corner of Scandinavia, Frank and Cynthia is a timeless love story that will have you weeping out of your ears.

By Colin Rothwell, Ted Hill and Haydn Jenkins

9.30pm, Thursday 9th – Saturday 11th February

Hot Cross Men smashed it right out of the improv park with their Edinburgh Fringe hit, What the Dickens. That’s a fact. Many thought that was the end of their story. Untrue. Colin Rothwell (Actor-in-Chief, 1st Computer Science), Haydn Jenkins (Footlights Enforcer, 2.i [predicted] Geological Sciences), and Ted Hill (Doctors Hate Him, 2.i Biological Anthropology) are back, and now even the bad guys are left quivering in their boots. These boisterous beasts have improv oozing from their every hole; and they’re offering you a taste of the action. Our three comedy renegades were birthed, kicking and screaming (no midwife needed), from the gentle womb of The Cambridge Impronauts, and they haven’t looked back since; not even when there was a big explosion.

I hope you’ve got your copy of ‘The Conventions of Comedy’ because Hot Cross Men will blast it to smithereens, then throw it in a chemical fire (no safety goggles used), where it belongs.

It’s fully improvised. They’re fully in charge. And you’ll be pleased to learn they won’t be held back by anything: not by scripts, not by directors, and certainly not by the pesky establishment. The boys are trying out some new formats, popularised in Chicago, America. That’s right. America. They’re red hot, Red Cross, red men redemption. Hot Cross Men.

‘Truly Marvellous’ – EdFringeReview, 4 stars.
‘Ridiculous and hilarious’ – The Tab, 4.5 stars.
‘An impressive display’ – Varsity, 4.5 stars.
‘It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but hot cross men’ – Charles Darwin (Ordinary Degree, 1831)