2017-18 Committee Nominations, Now Open!

2017-18 Committee Nominations, Now Open!

Want to get involved with one of the most active college drama societies in Cambridge? Keen to be part of the team that programmes each season of shows in Pembroke New Cellars, and that provides opportunities to meet industry professionals and Big Names like Sir Eric Idle and Sir Ian McKellen??? Run for the 2017-18 committee!

Being on the Pembroke Players Committee is a fun, low-commitment responsibility and offers lots of opportunities for gaining valuable skills and experience. Please find a list of roles and role descriptions below! If you have any questions about any of the roles, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with their current holders, or simply email president@pembrokeplayers.co.uk

The committee will also be available in the Pembroke JP between 7-8pm on Thursday 27th for Application Drinks. Come along for drinks and biscuits and to find out more about the roles and being on committee!

If you would like to run for a role, please apply with a written manifesto (no longer than one side of A4), detailing relevant experience for the role. The manifesto must name a proposer and seconder (nominees may propose other nominees).

Please note that the roles of President, Treasurer and Artistic Director can be filled by members of Pembroke College only.

The electorate is composed of the members of the Pembroke Players and the members of Pembroke College, Cambridge. A date for the election will be announced shortly.

Nominations must be emailed to president@pembrokeplayers.co.uk by 6pm, Saturday 29th April.




Being President of the Pembroke Players is a hugely rewarding role, and the society is expanding its operations every year. This role is perfect for anyone who’s organised, enthusiastic about theatre and doesn’t mind a little admin!


Being Treasurer of the Pembroke Players is a unique opportunity. You handle an annual income of around £20000, and deal with a combination of students and external companies (to arrange rights licensing, theatre hire, etc.). Each show has a producer, so no micromanagement of productions is involved: purely the overall finances of the society.

The role lends itself to someone with a limited experience of drama, so as to add an unbiased voice to the show selection panel (composed of Treasurer, President and Artistic Director). Your role is simply to keep the society afloat financially. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, don’t let a lack of dramatic experience put you off applying.


The biggest job for the Artistic Director, alongside the President and Treasurer, is to select which shows PP produce each term. In addition, you must appoint each show with an Associate Producer from the committee, and liaise with them to ensure a smooth and high quality production process.


Responsible for publicity of the society as a whole (web presence, Facebook page, Twitter account, marketing videos), as well as appointing (and overseeing) graphic designers and publicists to create the publicity materials for each PP production. Ideal for someone with any form of visual arts skill or interest.


New Cellars is equipped with a high-quality but easy to use tech rig. The Technical Director must ensure it is kept in order, updating and maintaining equipment when necessary. In-house produced shows (such as smokers) are opped by you; other shows have their own technicians, who will likely require simple training in our equipment and assistance with lighting design. This is a perfect role for anyone interested in tech, so please don’t feel you need vast amounts of experience!


Responsible for our Front of House services, including training people to use our ticketing system, and arranging schedules for FoH staff. The FoH Director will also be responsible for advertising the PP Membership scheme, ensuring audiences are aware of all the membership benefits available!


The Pembroke Players have a generous props, furniture and costume store, with steadily increasing demand from people looking to hire items. We now have a highly efficient hire system in place and the Operations Director will be responsible for maintaining it, liaising with PP shows and with other shows looking to hire things.


Comedy is a huge part of every PP season, and the Comedy Director is responsible for organising and compering Smokers, including the prestigious Black Tie Smoker! The Comedy Director also oversees the writing and production of the Freshers’ Pantomime.