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Pembroke Players’ primary performance space is New Cellars, which is located in the basement of BB staircase, Foundress Court, Pembroke College.

The New Common Room, our audition and rehearsal space, is on the first floor of the same staircase.

Access to New Cellars is by Pembroke College Porters’ Lodge (which is near Fitzbillies). Once inside, turn right and follow the path round by the library clock tower and towards the modern-looking Foundress Court, as shown on the map below. New Cellars is part of the basement of this building; turn clockwise down the steps in BB staircase to reach the auditorium.

New Cellars is fully wheelchair accessible via a conveniently placed lift in BB staircase – please contact the Porters should you require assistance.

Mainshow and lateshow performances commence at 7:00pm and 9:30pm respectively; most comedy smokers begin at 10:00pm.